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Which kind of vacuum laminating machine is the best

Laminating machine, also called vacuum laminating machine, oca laminating machine, press screen machine, PLC or SCM industry automatic product, use for mobile phone screen and touch screen laminating. In market, for function, that have all-in-one and fractional machine. Fractional machine in market that is very early, stable performing, disadvantage is trouble operate, larger space occupy,need outside connect vacuum pump and air compressor, and also need equipped professional remove bubble machine. Laminating and debubble one machine is launched in 2014, after develop one-year can win cutomer and market to approbate. For there advantage:easy operate, convinent use,small space occupy etc.

For most newer in screen repair business, they always watch their friend make money, but didnt understand this career very clearly. Now, let is analysis some problem newer may meet.    

For the beginning, newer can be problem with some complicate process, for example separator, remove glue, etc.  After check this, everyone think move down. But after you understand every process of screen repair, that is very simple.

Separatorremove glueoca filmlaminatingremove bubble, that is base step.And every step have professional machine. On the other hand, AIDA factory 5in1 frame machine that can do pre-heating, separator screen, remove glue, separator frame,press frame five function. For a newer, that is a useful, value for machine machine.Now one machine in market can do laminating and remove bubble, you only need two or three machine that can do all process.

After know base operate step and machine function, then we consider which kind of vacuum laminating machine can be most useful? Now we introduce the leading goat of brand in screen repair careerAIDA,AIDA is belong to Guangzhou YIFU electronic technology co.,ltd. Factory have complete production management system, machine from RESARCH & DEVELOPMENT to test that process that have strictly controlled, guarantee every machine 100% satisfy for our customer. For another, service the best is our factory purpose, customer can come to our factory study, after buy our machine we also have engineer guide after-sales, guarantee you can do perfect screen. AIDA factory lcd repair machine have passed CE certificate,such as 5in1 laminating machine.5in1 frame machine have been sold in international market and receive good feedback.We believe that,before you buy lcd screen repair machine,visit our AIDA factory is valuable.