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Difference between LOCA and OCA

As known in broken screen laminating repair industry, for beginning always we use LOCA.But when OCA laminating launch, market share of OCA rapidly arrive more that 90%. Now we compare two glue that what is difference between that. Firstly we mention LOCA, lamianting including:uv glue, LED UV lamp curing light, separator screen equipment, LOCA mold.

As experience LOCA, operate LOCA laminating is much harder. Firstly, LOCA take a little overdose, then will seep into backlight and screen. In this case, whole backlight damage is irrevocable. On the other hand, Loca are highly corrosive, when seep into flex solder joints, also can burn all screen. Secondly, LED UV light burning time is a big problem, when burning time too long, screen will change yellow. Thirdly, LOCA belong to Chemicals, also exist pollution problem and harm to our health. Fourthly, LED UV light cannot direct to our face,that will hurt ourself. In fact, Loca exist hard to operate and potential hurt to our health,but have advantage:need a little equipment,invest little,processing costs low,etc Here are our factory most popular OCA laminating machine: AIDA separator machine, AIDA 5in1 frame machine,AIDA touch screen laminating machine,AIDA remove machine,AIDA 3in1 oca laminating machine,etc.

OCA glue when launched, that is widespread. Although equipment and operate is complicate, but when separate laminating process, we can know every operate step very clearly. When have flaw can judge which step have problem fast. Compared with LOCA, oca glue operate more efficiency. LOCA laminating dry need about 20minutes,one time only can dry 10pcs to 20pcs. Oca 2-3minutes that can laminating 4pcs touch screen use oca laminating machine from Guangzhou YIFU electronic technology co.,ltd. Do remove bubble operate, one time can remove bubble 20-50pcs.For technology operate, it is easy to grasp. Time is money, Only we grasp efficiency and stability technology, we can make a different  success  in  fierce competition market.

For all, oca laminating launched, that have absolutely advantage instead LOCA laminating. Now oca laminating factory exist much in touch screen repair market, but quality is very different. Our factory AIDA brand machine, product broken screen equipment factory very early, pass EU country CE certificate, for domestic sales and export sales, made some achievements.has won the praise of customers. Our factory governed by create and development, Let every repair machine is no longer technical work, that only need watch video, you can know how to repair broken screen.